File System To learn how to work with carriers, you need to know how they store information. If you just write a lot of megabytes, you can not find out where the written page of text, and where the picture. All information is stored on media in the form of files. File - this is simply a sequence of bytes, which contains some information and that is his name. For example, the encoded image sequence bytes, and calling him "my favorite picture," you can keep the sequence on the floppy. That is, you save the picture in the file "My favorite picture" on the diskette. Media can be stored on a lot of files, and not to confused, you should use some system for storage. Such a system is called the file system. Files can be stored on floppy disks, compact disks, USB flash drives and other storage media, but the computer will work with different carriers alike, as always used the same file system. All of the media referred to as disk and write letters with a colon, eg A: or C:. The disc can be written in the form of cabinet, which kept many documents, that is files. Cabinets, as well as wheels, may vary in size, and some of them can be moved to other rooms, that is, disks can be transferred to other computers. On any drive can fit a lot of files, and for easy storage files are located in folders that can be represented as a box enclosure. In the folder, but files can be stored in other folders. At the same time, some files can be stored directly to disk, but not in any folder. For example, the disk file "Example" and two folders - "folder 1" and "Folder 2". In the folder "Folder 1"...
Adobe Illustrator Files in vector AI and EPS format created to illustrate the programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia or CorelDraw. In addition to vector objects can also contain files and bitmaps. Therefore, vector formats can be used for storage bitmap images. Next we take a closer look these formats in detail. Format EPS Format EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), occupies a high place in the printing industry. The format is based on the language of PostScript, and was developed by Adobe Systems Inc. which intended to describe any graphical and textual information. PostScript is used in the publishing systems of any type, ranging from 'home printers' finishing with specialized workstations. PostScript language used by all professional and semi-output devices: laser printers, plotters, imagesetters. In EPS format can store vector and bitmap graphics, fonts, rasterized images and information about rasterization, clipping paths and color profiles. Supports most color models. additional channels. You can use compression algorithms, LZW, JPEG and CCITT. Virtually all of clipart that can be downloaded from the Internet will be in EPS format AI format AI - this is the format of the program Adobe Illustrator. In AI-based format also is language PostScript. We can say that the format is a variant of AI format EPS. Starting with Version 8.0, Adobe Illustrator supports PostScript Level 3. On the Internet, you can also download a lot of vector clip art of various genres in the format of AI. At present, vector graphics ipolzuetsya widely in printing, web design or computer graphics, so clipart is very popular. Also, raster clipart and on different themes such as cartoon characters in a vector, flowers, food, preparation of banners or other items grafichesskie in vector formats EPS and AI can be download online for free.

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