Adobe Illustrator Files in vector AI and EPS format created to illustrate the programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia or CorelDraw. In addition to vector objects can also contain files and bitmaps. Therefore, vector formats can be used for storage bitmap images. Next we take a closer look these formats in detail. Format EPS Format EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), occupies a high place in the printing industry. The format is based on the language of PostScript, and was developed by Adobe Systems Inc. which intended to describe any graphical and textual information. PostScript is used in the publishing systems of any type, ranging from 'home printers' finishing with specialized workstations. PostScript language used by all professional and semi-output devices: laser printers, plotters, imagesetters. In EPS format can store vector and bitmap graphics, fonts, rasterized images and information about rasterization, clipping paths and color profiles. Supports most color models. additional channels. You can use compression algorithms, LZW, JPEG and CCITT. Virtually all of clipart that can be downloaded from the Internet will be in EPS format AI format AI - this is the format of the program Adobe Illustrator. In AI-based format also is language PostScript. We can say that the format is a variant of AI format EPS. Starting with Version 8.0, Adobe Illustrator supports PostScript Level 3. On the Internet, you can also download a lot of vector clip art of various genres in the format of AI. At present, vector graphics ipolzuetsya widely in printing, web design or computer graphics, so clipart is very popular. Also, raster clipart and on different themes such as cartoon characters in a vector, flowers, food, preparation of banners or other items grafichesskie in vector formats EPS and AI can be download online for free.
Cayo Sabinal Sunken ships, uleplennye shell and turned into artificial reefs, diverse fauna with many fish, jellyfish, turtles, sea urchins, and even if you're lucky, whale sharks - can all be found here. Here there is a local attraction - Coral 6-meter high tower of Notre Dame, so named because of its similarity to famous Parisian cathedral. Cienfuegos is located in the center of the country on the southern coast, 269 km from Havana and 181 km from Varadero. Bahia de Cochinos diving in the open sea and Speleological dive in caves, filled with salt water and are part of lake and cave ecosystems Peninsula Zapata, - these are the most exciting adventures for diving in the south of the province of Matanzas, where there are two specialized centers ('Octopus', 'Playa Giron'). Dives are performed directly at the beach which begins with a beautiful coral colonies inhabiting their flocks of multicolored fish. Located 85 km from the city of Cienfuegos, 105 km from Varadero and 177 km from Havana, the bay of Bahia de Cochinos has excellent potential for tourist accommodation, coming here to enjoy the sights of this region. Santa Lucia One of the longest and most beautiful beaches in Cuba is located in the north of the province of Camaguey, some of the largest coral reef of the Western Hemisphere. International diving center 'Sharks Friend' offers diving area, stretching from Cape Maternillos to the island of Cayo Sabinal and full of sunken ships, such as the 'Nuestra Senora de Alta Gracia', 'Mortera' and 'Pizarra' (the last two drowned in the second half of the 19 century).

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