Best Free Site Choosing the best free site of Blogs the choice of a free blog site can be overwhelming virtue that there are so many options to select. There are several great sites for blog hosting that dominate the blogosphere, but there are also smaller sites. If you decide to join a place already defined, or known as a Blogger, or if you choose blogging with a company relatively new depends on your priorities. Reliability is perhaps the best reason to opt for a free blogs big and well known site. When you choose to have your blog at a site established and known, you can feel confident that your blog will not be posted often and will not disappear in the middle of the night. A company blogger that has existed for a long time likely have the resources to ensure that their customers are not unpleasantly surprised by any technical failure. However, many bloggers decide that this is not enough for a point of sale. Bloggers who decides to go with small and new blog hosting sites, do them it for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the main advantage is a fairly abstract. Bloggers tend to enjoy the fact that the Internet is a place where the bottom have a great chance of success, and to choose to have a small company like his accommodation of the blog, a blogger is betting in favor of David against Goliath. In my next article will review that it should be our new blogger then that already has your blog running. We wrongdoers doubt according to the purpose of the blog. Don't read it. Prof. Reinaldo Alvarez.
Environmental Culture Society Trees, bright flowers, butterflies, beetles, birds, beasts, moving clouds, falling snow flakes, sea - all this attracts the attention of children, encouraged them and serves as a source of cognitive activity. Acquired in childhood, the ability to see and hear nature for what it really is, without a mystical additions, is of great interest to it, expands children's knowledge and may in the future to bring them into the science or art. Lack of knowledge of children, correctly reflect reality, often leads to the formation of their different prejudices and superstitions, like these: "warts from toads will", "crush the frog - the rain will go," etc. Such concepts are often used as cause stigma of children to animals and destruction of frogs, sea urchins, insects, etc. to correct the existing misconceptions is much more difficult than forming new ones - are correct. That is why it is very it is important that children as young as preschoolers receive reliable information about nature, based on sensory experience. Aware of how complex and often contradictory behavior is a small child in the environment: having the most good intentions, children, nevertheless commit negative acts (rip they like flowers, torture - "caress" the kittens). Great harm to children's health can inflict poisonous plants, mushrooms, torn out of ignorance or eaten. Common approaches in the formation of identity through the spheres of "Nature" are the environmental orientation, education of diverse and harmonious personality, aimed at creating Environmental Culture Society, a comprehensive approach that includes development of the sphere of feelings, learning a certain range of knowledge and mastery of practical skills.

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