Bookingcom Probabelemente Booking.com is one of the most widely used in our country platforms to make hotel reservations, and how it could be otherwise, are present on this platform. Experts say that, when we plan a trip, one of the most important reasons to decide to book a hotel or another are the number and quality of comments that customers leave on the establishment. For this reason, having a good score is important for reservations. Case of Booking.com comments occur after accommodation, and is Booking.com who gets in touch with customers asking them to let his opinion about the hotel: cleaning, comfort, location, services, staff, value for money, link to comments... A negative criticism is always an opportunity for improvement, and comments that customers have left us are serving for, effectively, to improve the services we offer. And despite some received, we are certainly proud of having a score of 8.5 to day today. We would talk if it were a school rating about a notable high, nearly outstanding, which fills us with joy since shortly after operation of the hotel. No doubt the Hello Tafalla hotel is an excellent choice for all visitors and tourists who come for the central zone of Navarre and want to enjoy modern facilities, comfortable and comfortable. To visit or work in Tafalla, Olite, Ujue, Artajona, San Martin de Unx, Valdorba or Caparroso, offer excellent facilities which, in the opinion of customers who have already visited us, deserve a high score. And if you're thinking about staying in the zone, remember that we offer you, in addition to the comfort of a grand hotel 4 *, an excellent restaurant and free access to the facilities of the sports city of Tafalla, where you can enjoy your swimming pools, machine rooms, sauna, we are waiting on...
Shop Equipment Despite These works are not wasted, every customer is our supporter. We believe this is the best advertising of all. Shop Equipment Despite the abundance of supermarkets, all of us quite often to shop in the shops at home (for example, a party in full swing, suddenly pulled up more guests, should be put on the table, including appetizer, do not go well in the supermarket). Unwittingly, we compare the hypermarkets to small shops, where the range poor, where the calculation is expanded as such that sellers can not find anything or service leaves much to be desired. Ironically, the problems of such stores are not solved for years, and buyers are often "vote with their feet", that leads to the closure of the outlet. Sellers of commercial equipment fit to conduct master classes, as is done for those wishing to open a restaurant or cafe. But, despite numerous instances of ignorant of business, most shop owners are receptive to criticism from customers (the rest of the critics can be attributed to ): monitor popular products, work with staff to think about the convenience and illustrative calculations items in his shop. It is these directors outlets tend to come to us when product variety, which I would like to offer our loyal customers, more than trade area. The fact that none of the shelves and cabinets do not replace the storefront facing the buyer. Whatever it was, the person entering the store, first consider what is before them, and my impression is building it on the fact that sees in the first place.

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