Environmental Culture Society Trees, bright flowers, butterflies, beetles, birds, beasts, moving clouds, falling snow flakes, sea - all this attracts the attention of children, encouraged them and serves as a source of cognitive activity. Acquired in childhood, the ability to see and hear nature for what it really is, without a mystical additions, is of great interest to it, expands children's knowledge and may in the future to bring them into the science or art. Lack of knowledge of children, correctly reflect reality, often leads to the formation of their different prejudices and superstitions, like these: "warts from toads will", "crush the frog - the rain will go," etc. Such concepts are often used as cause stigma of children to animals and destruction of frogs, sea urchins, insects, etc. to correct the existing misconceptions is much more difficult than forming new ones - are correct. That is why it is very it is important that children as young as preschoolers receive reliable information about nature, based on sensory experience. Aware of how complex and often contradictory behavior is a small child in the environment: having the most good intentions, children, nevertheless commit negative acts (rip they like flowers, torture - "caress" the kittens). Great harm to children's health can inflict poisonous plants, mushrooms, torn out of ignorance or eaten. Common approaches in the formation of identity through the spheres of "Nature" are the environmental orientation, education of diverse and harmonious personality, aimed at creating Environmental Culture Society, a comprehensive approach that includes development of the sphere of feelings, learning a certain range of knowledge and mastery of practical skills.
About Today Disiesto current year in Russia already noticed the consequences brought by the crisis of today. As I live in the capital of Russia, is in Moscow, I am aware of the TV that transmits daily on the economy of my country and everything that happens in my hometown. 2 Months ago that they will cut jobs, the wages of some workers have fallen, it increases the number of unemployed, etc in November this year I found myself with an unpleasant news that the owners of certain minor furniture stores had been forced to close their shops. As seen at other stores already is not supplied furniture and other industrial goods because of uncertainty in the future of the economic situation in Russia. As spread word about the forecast of the shortages of many goods from other countries already feels the panic that have exploded the Muscovites. This is evident in make long queues at boxes of supermarkets and the sudden increase of sales of industrial goods, such as appliances, furniture, cars, etc perhaps appears the question: do until when today's crisis? When will the economic collapse lead to economic stability and the well-being of all? At the moment there are several theories and hypotheses of the future. Taking account of the crisis in its entirety a few Russian specialists in economics assure us that our country, i.e. Russia, will suffer from the aftermath of the crisis some 18 consecutive months. Others believe that the crisis will leave already in just 6 months. Among other things, terrible forecast of an expert in economy Jazin deserves the attention. According to the foreseen today's crisis will be brutal and will bring consequences similar to the crisis of 1929 in the United States. But difirencia of the 1929 crisis today affects everyone, is the...

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