All This In Mind The entire universe is unfolding in its interior. You can observe everything in his mind. In his book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt, introduces the term Mental set to encompass reality. That reality is more than single material reality, as his physical body, rocks, planets, and everything in the material universe. The mental set includes their feelings, ideas, thoughts, concepts and abstractions. Everything what you can say something is part of the mental set. Everything what you can infer something is part of the mental set. Everything you are is part of the mental set. Corentt says that life is a personal mental whole experimentation. The life you want, in all aspects of their existence, is determined by your mental set. To improve any aspect of your life, you must refine your mental set. Ignorance is just part of your mental set. Ignorance is not real. Ignorance is only a modifiable element of your mental set. The absence of mental faculties is only one element that can be modified. You can create a robust and powerful mental set to fill your life with all what you want, call material wealth, mental powers, spiritual union, excellent relations, inner peace, transcendental knowledge, freedom, etc. You have all the power over your life. On all aspects of his life. Since everything is part of your mental set. And your mental set is his own creation.I am happy, I am rich is a door to his own discovery, to his own power. Refine your mental set is what leads to what you want to be. The yoghis spoke of transported large distances. You will learn that there is no distance to be transported because you are all there is. You should only wish it and that will be in your life.
Romance Holidays for which we give so many gifts. There are gifts that only daryatsya the birthday or the day of the professional holiday. And there is a romantic holiday, people in love, there is a Holy Day Valentine's Day and International Women's Day - days on which all give flowers when the flower shops in excitement reaches its climax and waiting in the queue becomes real as ever. In these days of romance right in the air and flowers - this is a mandatory attribute of the holidays. Love and romance for all ages and among us the eternal romance, and there are those who become romantic for some time. And these days, especially for florists are special romantic flowers, bouquets, which correspond to a person's mood and state of his soul and to create that romantic atmosphere, without which all the Valentine's Day is hard to imagine. Composition in the form of heart defined look the most romantic, valentine flowers, who can resist seeing it? And because you can make a toy of colors, such a sweet dog or bear. And to him again and a box of chocolates and a bottle of good wine. Most romantic day for a young couple is of course a wedding. On this day, everything should be in a special way, on the highest level. We also have our own florist harvesting on this day. Apart from the usual wedding bouquets and bridal bouquets, there is flower baskets decorated with two doves. Flowers can decorate the bride's dress, the bride and groom table, bedroom and finally lovers. Bouquets of white roses hardly leave you indifferent. Sophisticated rose and beautiful magnificent in itself, but in skillfully bouquets she simply unique. And if a bouquet of white roses can conquer a man, his love will...

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