Eden People Others, who let Christ into your heart, will not be judged, but will pass from death to life eternal. "But now being made free from sin and become servants to God, the fruit of your is holiness, and the end - eternal life. The wages of sin - death, but the gift of God - eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord "(Rim.6.22-23). Now millions of Christians around the world are prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ, seeking to meet him with a clear conscience, dressed in the robes of righteousness "and not hide it used to be Adam in Eden. Such Christians call themselves brothers and sisters, and all together the children of God. They are recognized by distinctive features - love for God and neighbor. These people believe in God's promises, and look forward to them, and know that they will be rewarded for their patience. They remember the words of Jesus: "In my Father's house are many mansions. And if not, I would have told you: I'm going prepare a place for you. And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself, that you have been where I am "(John 14. 2-3). In the Bible God with tears and great sorrow, and said about the cities, people who do not want to accept his sacrifice, "because Make the heart of this people, and their ears heavy, and shut their eyes lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts and turn, and I should heal them "(Ex. 6-10). God continues to love even the most notorious murderers and criminals, but to accept the sacrifice or abandon it depends on the person, God does not force anyone, and expects only...
Le Meridien Only when their presence may enter the elevator and get on your floor (if The hotel has no elevator man, who even clicks the button for you). So, these electronic keys required to operate the first time. Guest must not nervously tugging at the handle waiting until the system works. And in the hallway, by the way, should not be these stupid lights on photocells, which are lit and extinguished to the extent of your progress. Guest should not feel uncomfortable, advancing from the room in twilight. Technological progress enables hoteliers extensive soil for fiction. For example, a hotel owner Herzog Tassilo Grand Club in Austria was eager to start hosting something sort of. And came up with: set in rooms heaped showers, where you can experiment with different water pressure, messing with the shower Charcot and even engage in (do not think anything) hydrotherapy. But it's another thing: simple hygienic procedure combined with listening to music, and the water from the shower flows since essential oils. And this came up hoteliers the amazing thing - made a bath-tub right in the bedroom. She stands side by side with a huge four poster bed and the ceiling mounted small bulbs, shimmering like a rainbow. Of course, this hotel is forever memorable guests! Normal plasma screen in the room nobody will be surprised. But here at Le Meridien in Vienna PDP welcomes you in their native language every time you enter the room. In addition, 'the TV' can be always look up his account at by entering a specific access code.

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