Use Metal Cooking ground According to experts, 70% success when working with metal substrates depends on proper preparation of the base. Rate his condition, clean, well pick up a system of protection (not forgetting the conditions), apply it without violation of technology - these are the basic rules to observe are not too difficult. Prepare metal surfaces for painting comes to clean it from dirt, loose rust, grease and priming. By defining the state substrate and the type of pollution can get down to business. Fats, soot, dirt, dust and soot can be removed with soap and water or non-aggressive detergents. A new surface after cleaning and before applying the primer additionally treated with cleaning solvents. Older surfaces require a more careful attitude. Old paint and varnish are removed mechanically (using sandpaper or destroyer), chemical (Solvent used), or thermally (by burning, which is very travmoopasno) way. If there is no need for complete removal of old layers of paint, and with careful examination you have not noticed on the surface of bubbles and cracks, issuing the rust, then the base can be sand and, filled the open areas, to begin painting. Do not forget to check out the old and new paint on the compatibility! For this test should be painted on area of 10-15 cm2. If the coating dries well and is not making no obvious defects - all in order. Painting of metal painted metal surface gets completed form and additional protective properties. It is formed light, water and weatherproof film, which prevents oxidation, and the period of coverage is extended to 6-8 years or more. Manufacturers recommend the use of paint for finishing paints, enamels and varnishes based on acrylic (Silky matt, thin-layer paint-wagon-class for interior and exterior), alkyd-based enamel 115 and silicone resins, paints and special purpose vehicles...

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