Documents Document You have decided to go abroad to get an education, get a job or for some other reason? Then you need to legalize your documents. The process of legalization There are two main types of Legalization of documents: stamping 'Apostille' A choice of consular legalization legalization in each case depends on the destination document, ie, country in which authorities will be subsequently granted. Stamping 'Apostille' ('simplified legalization' or 'Apostille') is used to send the document to the countries which have acceded to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961. This Convention allows the abolition of consular legalizatsiiyu by introducing a simplified procedure of legalization - stamping 'Apostille'. Full list of countries you can find below. If a country in which you are preparing the document, not is a party to the Hague Convention, the need consular legalization. This is a more complicated procedure, which includes the identity document in the Ministry of Justice, Foreign Bodies, and then in the consulate of the country destination in Ukraine. In this case, the document will be valid only in the territory of the country mark the consulate which it stands. Apostilled can be either originals or copies of documents. Apostillization copies Document: In most cases, stamping 'Apostille' is carried out on copies of documents certified by a notary. This may be copies of personal documents: Certificate of birth, death, marriage, divorce, diplomas, certificates, etc., the founding document of legal entities: the charter, articles of incorporation, certificate of registration with the tax authorities, etc., a document issued by a notary, for example, power of attorney, consented to leave the child abroad, etc.
Summer States The world is efervescente and the global soup has all the ingredients to be able to overflow. The inflation in China arrived at 6.4% and the Chinese tiger threat all the Asian zone. This problem goes to be of difficult resolution, which had mainly to the hot money that continues to flood the China, a time that the investors and speculators can conseguiz it a value next to 0% in U.S.A., 0.5% in England and 1.5% in the zone euro, against 6.5% in China. We will be able to attend a landing forced and drawn out in the time, of the Chinese economy. Thus, the econmica locomotive of the world goes to soften and as a butterfly that beats the wings in the Pacific, it can provoke a Tornado of the other side of the world, the United States can fall in contraction and the international trade to stop strong. The same fenmeno with the inflation it is to occur in India, to another great emergent power, that is with a 9% inflation. Countries as India, China and Brazil are set on fire by the hot money, that technical flame of capitals volatile. If to happen a sudden aggravation in the risk caused for the crisis in the Europe or the doubts in the United States, Asia goes to be very displayed. The meditica attention is centered in the trio Greece, Portugal and Ireland, already with plans of rescue of troika (UE/FMI/BCE) and with levels of highest, superior risk of default 50%, but the true elephants in the porcelain store of the zone euro are Spain and Italy. In the United States it has an increasing malaise. It has one retakes that it does not retake and the fallen again one into the contraction already will be able to have...

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