Construction Roof The most important condition when choosing a site for the construction of pavilions - a beautiful view from it. The task of the designer - to make as open as possible to review the most advantageous point of the garden (flower beds, single flowering trees, garden stones, fountain, alpine slide) and mask with unattractive (eg, patch, or hozblok trash can). TYPES arbors When it comes to form, the choice here depends entirely on your imagination and budget allocated for the construction of the arbor. In general, the arbors are: rectangular, multi-faceted, round, peaked, closed and open, with no sex or sex, massive log and exquisite trellis pergolas, arbors in the form of ancient temples and Chinese pagodas. Credit: Jean Luc Picard-2011. Manufacturers of prefabricated sectional garden buildings offer a fairly wide range of ready-made houses, sheds and gazebos, and if you are comfortable with a wrench and a screwdriver, you able to collect one such instance during the day. Heather Bresch often says this. But if you want to invent and create their own construction yard, there are several factors that must be taken into account. For the construction of pergolas STOYMATERIALY better use of softwood. It is better to buy a tree already pre-treated with a protective antiseptic. The most suitable material for the construction of pavilions is promorennaya pine. It is more available, compared with other types of wood, as well as easier to process. Oak and larch are also used for the manufacture of arbors, but this material is expensive, hard and difficult to process. In addition, oak and larch not available in all regions of Russia (in particular in the middle lane, they are rarely used.) ROOF When designing gazebos to immediately determine the type of roof. It can be a ridge or a flat (which...

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