EMEF Victory System It is important to point out that the EMEF above cited, offers lessons for pupils special, being given in schedules against-turn. In the same way lessons of computer science, based on Decree 5,626 are disponibilizadas, of 22 of December of 2005, in Chapter II, Art. 3 says: The Pound must be inserted as it disciplines curricular obligator in the courses of formation of professors for the exercise of the Teaching, in average and superior level, and the courses of Fonoaudiologia, institutions of education, private public and, in the federal system of education and of the systems of education of the State, the Federal District and the cities. (BRASIL-2005). The system of Education in Brazil, throughout its trajectory if identifies for some paradigms, education system this that however decentralized, however centered, however uniformizado, however set free, thus consolidating, basic rules of organization and functioning of the pedagogical work. From 1990, new social requirements had been taken care of. She was necessary to expand the pertaining to school nets and to diversify the pertaining to school resume, being worried thus about the pedagogical productivity and the democratization of the education institutions. Ahead of the transformations in the Brazilian pertaining to school scene, the EMEF Victory - Regal it adheres to a progressive, formadora philosophy of critical individuals, idealists, compromised, participativos and typically human, who possess a especificidade human being to form citizens through contents ' ' not materiais' ' , that they are the ideas, theories, values, ethical, moral and religious principles, contents these that go to influence decisively in the life of each one. (PPP 2011, P. 12). It also aims at a conception that guides the operational management of the education and its forms, getting a collective participation, this for the bigger importance that possesss each time in the present...

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