Sales Commissions Bonus systems in the distribution fee and bonus systems make old hat in distribution and sales are motivating: commissions for new customers and switched business to successful seller flowed many thousand years ago. Fits the hat even today? Sales executives discuss sales commissions and bonuses on the goldsaal in Cologne. In the pragmatic-oriented distribution and sales applies to sales commissions and bonus systems: they need to be effective, but easy. These requirements are not met, the acceptance of systems subject to sales people quickly into a bottomless pit. Fee and bonus systems have to be simple "X percent of sales" is certainly the simplest scheme of sales commissions for sellers and sales representatives. Apparently also the oldest: Chinese, sumnitische and Mesopotamian merchants turned this Commission Regulation already 3,000 years BC c.e.. One-tenth of the sales proceeds, which, since the money is not yet invented, was paid in kind was common. First served Barley, later copper or silver to cover the accumulated sales commissions. Sales as a measure of sales commissions? Today it is not only the sales as the key performance indicator in the distribution in question. Because "sales you can buy", due to generous discounts or excessive prices for trade-ins. Make income-related indicators from the win-win perspective sense, if the salesperson has sufficient influence and control. In addition increasingly qualitative goals integrate provisions - and relevant for rebate of the target bonus as a solution in sales? Not known fixed salary, company car, and guarantee commissions at that time but also still. So the question arises today in distribution and sales: where is the bar? Or, put another way: which objectives, benefits, and results are covered by the fixed remuneration elements? The incentive weakness especially in the crucial area of high performance is a critical aspect of simple Vertriebsprovisions...
Fast Tuning Online solution facilitates private and business event planning Frankfurt am Main, 04.03.2013 - tiggs GmbH offers from immediately tixxel in the new design, an easy online solution, the user thereby supports quick and easy to organize private and business events. Whether skiing, class meeting or the next meeting of the project: Tixxel brings together all the information and presents this particularly clearly and structured in a stuctured results list. The solution can be adapted flexibly to participants and projects and meets the respective information needs with minimal user effort. Core information is captured with tixxel at first glance. An essential prerequisite for the successful completion of an event is a smooth communication of all involved. This includes in addition to controlling the flow of information and its structured documentation tixxel is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to gain time and save yourself stress and should therefore missing any event planning", says Dirk Bamban, Managing Director of tiggs GmbH. tixxel runs entirely in the Web browser, without installing any special software, and can be operated at any time and from any location. The application requires no training, only technical requirement is access to the Internet. tixxel can be used depending on the needs: the tiggs GmbH tixxel offered as freeware. Free use and for more information, or mytixxel background of tiggs GmbH which GmbH is tiggs a technology company the impetus, the companies across all industries a holistic view of their processes to obtain, to achieve faster results with simultaneously lower resource usage and to improve overall efficiency and profitability at supports. More information on tiggs GmbH, see. All programs mentioned and names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.

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