Federal Reserve It looked very good idea.) Financial authorities have a major responsibility for what happened. Basel Standards, theoretically designed to control the system, stimulated the SECURITISATION to extremes can obscure and complicate enormously the markets they are intended to protect. The Boards of Directors of financial institutions involved in this great fiasco, have a great responsibility, because they have not heard anything. And that included the Board of Directors of the Savings Bank of San Quirze Some rating agencies have been incompetent or independent from their clients, which is very serious end of story (for now): the main Central Banks (the European Central Bank, the U.S. Federal Reserve) have been injecting cash in order to enable banks to have money. ** 22.1. A friend of mine asked me: Where does the European Central Bank money? To avoid complicating the explanation of the crisis, I added a new word in this Dictionary: ECB, European Central Bank. There you have the answer to the question. Some experts say yes than no money, but what is missing is confidence. In other words, the liquidity crisis is not a real crisis of trust of others. Meanwhile, sovereign funds, or investment funds created by countries with surplus funds from the accounts, (mainly from oil and gas) as Wallpaper Arab Emirates, Asia, Russia, etc.. are buying stakes in major American banks to bring them out of the jam they have gotten. Of course, follow the story in the monthly updates of this Dictionary. The first update is below: INSURANCE OF DEBT.
National Security It is at this moment that the philosophy, while it disciplines pertaining to school is absent of the resume, therefore, according to positivista orientation (that it appeared as the main one influence of this period), the philosophy was not considered a doutrinal substance. In addition, for the republicans, the philosophy was seen with much diffidence due to the ideological character of the Church Catholic. Of this form, the philosophy lost its obligatoriness and started to be one disciplines mere optional until the arrival of the ditatorial period. With the dictatorship, other reforms had been implanted e, with this, the philosophy definitively were removed of the pertaining to school resume for if to deal with one disciplines that it is worried in forming consciences, that help to reflect on the questions that afflict our society, promoting the quarrel of ideas, systems and theories. As the ideals of the specialized military were to form technician, to occupy positions in the companies who had been installed in our country during this period, that is, divergent ideals, then the philosophy was disliked for that if they found in the power that they had defended its exit of the resume on behalf of the National Security. Although the historical oscillation of disciplines of philosophy in the education of Brazil, its presence in average education must be understood as important and necessary, in the measure where if shown most efficient to develop the critical reasoning of the educandos, you discipline inasmuch as them traditional that they are part of the resume of average education are not appropriate to the apprehension of this objective. The main existing difference between the philosophy and the others you discipline of average education, as Geography, for example, is in the philosophical treatment excused to the problems and to the questions that...

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