Joint Litigation Needed to Include all the Parties. Improperly required joint litigation.- The need to integrate this type of joint litigation is not set to load directly by law, but the need arises in the process of the relationship to material that is this: the relationship is material only, but with ownership in several people, and the treatment given can only be effective if they are all present, or at least referred to it. 2) Effects of joint litigation process necessary .- According to Colombian law: a. As for the sentence .- The need exists litisconsorico a claim or several of which hold several people at the same fate so that the sentence must be unique and same for everyone. b. In terms of procedure .- As there is a single process, the terms for running a remedy and transfers are common, or exist simultaneously for all co-parties once stocked the notification to all of them. The transfer of the claim is clear when there is a common agent (whether voluntarily choose what people within the party or the respective country's legislation requires the unity of the judicial seizure). c. As for acts involving disputed provision of the law .- As all necessary co-parties make up the part, acts involving disputed provision of the law should come from all of them for the act to be effective. The transaction, withdrawal, will only be effective if they emanate from everyone. d. As far as the nullity .- In the case of nullity, lack of ability or performance or subpoena, as with the challenges, the principle that the restoration of nullity or vice in general only be done by the person who causes injury the act charged.
FaceBook After all, why would want to put an image that would attract people? If one pays attention will see that people often change your photo, do it every time you get a supposedly better. It is an essential part of a dating site to have a perfect image, and I am sure that if Facebook allowed more than one image, most have more than one. Is not that what people do in a dating site? Of course, then you have to make sure you have many, many 'friends'. Can not have only a handful, one must have more than all others. In fact, rarely get a profile (unless new) that is less than 50 friends in their ranks. One can add to your list of friends around the country or the world to show how popular it is and how varied are your friendships. Facebook also provides essential information for a dating site: birthday, occupation, e-mail, when he became a member, interests and jobs / clubs. You can even add information such as phone number, address, nickname, personal web site, another e-mail, and even the political position (to make sure you'll agree with "potential" candidates. (Candidates for you, and not for any election, I clarify then ...). The profiles contain your favorite music, what do you love movies, and links, clicking on them will bring to other users with the same artist. I see many profiles of people using this space as an opportunity to show how "eclectic" are. And, unfortunately, to read some of those profiles, it is quite evident that do not fit with that person. You can then create groups that help put people to meet according to their common interest to see if this person you have in view is a potential candidate. There are groups...

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