FaceBook After all, why would want to put an image that would attract people? If one pays attention will see that people often change your photo, do it every time you get a supposedly better. It is an essential part of a dating site to have a perfect image, and I am sure that if Facebook allowed more than one image, most have more than one. Is not that what people do in a dating site? Of course, then you have to make sure you have many, many 'friends'. Can not have only a handful, one must have more than all others. In fact, rarely get a profile (unless new) that is less than 50 friends in their ranks. One can add to your list of friends around the country or the world to show how popular it is and how varied are your friendships. Facebook also provides essential information for a dating site: birthday, occupation, e-mail, when he became a member, interests and jobs / clubs. You can even add information such as phone number, address, nickname, personal web site, another e-mail, and even the political position (to make sure you'll agree with "potential" candidates. (Candidates for you, and not for any election, I clarify then ...). The profiles contain your favorite music, what do you love movies, and links, clicking on them will bring to other users with the same artist. I see many profiles of people using this space as an opportunity to show how "eclectic" are. And, unfortunately, to read some of those profiles, it is quite evident that do not fit with that person. You can then create groups that help put people to meet according to their common interest to see if this person you have in view is a potential candidate. There are groups...
Beer Consumption At temperatures above 10 degrees, the beer is deposited - evaporate its aromatic and flavor components, of greatest interest. Beer can not be quenched, to put it in the freezer or heated. Beer consumption begins at the time of loading. Beer is poured into the center of mugs or glasses from a height of 2.5 cm over the edge of the vessel. (Similarly see: Common). After thickening foam on the first pouring beer topped so that its level reaches about 3 / 4 the height of a glass or a special mark, which often make for a beer container. To broaden your perception, visit Budweiser. Quality beer easiest to identify to "cap". In the best grades of foam has a cream consistency, monolithic and compact, with no bubbles, almost entirely white. Good foam easily forms a "cap" is characteristic of his kind. This can be achieved by cutting the foam faces of the circles, such as a kitchen knife, before you pour the last batch of beer. To achieve a model of foam to use vessels with no traces of contamination from fat. Therefore it is better to use cookware abstracted for drinking beer. Beer can not be transferred from one vessel to another, beer - in unfinished. It should not be shaken or stir. Atmospheric oxygen causes turbidity in beer, and it, experts say, "Asleep". Needless drinking beer has certain rules. To get maximum enjoyment, the beer should not drink more greedy gulps. Do it in three gulps. At first sip consumed half of the vessel, and second - half the remaining beer in the third - the rest.

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