Rich Dad Poor Dad People always look for ways which will be useful as guides to improve various aspects of their lives, and in the way of being, attitude, readiness to different activities and people, so many aspects that accompany life. So one of the most widely used means for achievement and improvement of different points of life, is very frequent recourse to the books and readings that give different councils in attitude and mentality to life, because through such readings may be responding to different examples of errors that are explained and options for improvement in the presence of possible situations that replicate the findings in books. As you can understand the reading of books can be very useful, but not just any book, because for excellent results is necessary to read an excellent guidebook, one of the highlights in this issue is the book by Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad , "book that is useful for issues relating to economic activities to a greater extent in respect to investment activities, in addition to this guide shows how it should be education and visions of economic development and activities of financial progress. The main points in which it works the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is the task of tearing down the myth that income is necessary to have a large amount of money to get rich, another point is to understand that the money be allocated for things like home and other daily destination as cars, motorcycles, or appliances are not investment vehicles belong to another type of destination of the money, it is also very important focus given to the role that parents have about their children, ie as the parent can create a vision of life to his son, who in the book presents a rich father shows his son that...
Alma Mater What are the sources used in the main future applicants? 29% - visit the exhibition, but here it is worth noting that this result is predictable, because, at the exhibition do not accidentally fall, as a rule, most of the audience, specifically visiting the exhibition, hence the result. It is worth noting the rapidly growing popularity of World Wide Web. 19% - and this is not little, looking for future Alma Mater through the Internet, 18% of respondents listen to the recommendations of friends, parents and friends and enjoy the specialized directories, and finally, 15% use a specialized publications (newspapers and Magazines educational themes). The question: "How long have you been looking for the university?", 38% are concerned about "the beginning of the school year, 31% answered:" Only the beginning ', ie are still in the search and finally decided, 23% are interested in "with summer, and 8% either way, the answer varies: it is either "2-3 years of search," or "already defined with a choice, but not until the end." But what about the opportunity to receive education on free and paid basis. It is obvious that the youth fairly sober and practical assessment of the situation with the status quo in education. 75% of respondents to the question: "Are you ready to receive education on a fee basis?" Answered in the affirmative, then - as only 25% - disagree pay for it. " This is due to several reasons: 53% of respondents find it difficult or are unwilling to answer the question "why do you agree or not agree to pay for education?". . You may wish to learn more. If so, Gold Star is the place to go.

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